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Posted on October 12, 2008 08:14 by smiley
Filed under: Colossians, Miscellaneous

20"Since you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belonged to it, do you submit to its rules."

Colossians 2:20

Identified with Christ or identified with Christianity?  That's a question I find myself asking.  As I long for spiritual authenticity and a desire to "be real," what am I really portraying in my life. Do I, however, long to be good or do I long to be Christ? Where does my allegiance lie - to an ideology or to a person?

If you are involved in vocational ministry its much easier to fake.  Everyone expects you to be on target; even on your "bad" days you know the right words for a beautiful facade.  Because of these lofty expectations, there is little accountability unless you initiate it yourself.  Perhaps, this is why many church and ministry leaders are in such turmoil today - lack of accountability.

If you, however, strive to represent Christ in the workplace, its much harder. Things such as business ethics, attitudes and co-worker relationships are visual representations of your relationship with Christ.

But, in both spectrums, all things mentioned are still visual representations and I, therefore, find myself trying to "look the part." And, then, what if I screw up? What then? Does God throw a ball at me and scream, "Tag You're Out!" only waiting for the game to be over or somehow trying to get back in to play again?  Perhaps, on the next round, I won't get out, but I'll successfully dodge all temptations and make it through.  I feel bad, not (if I'm brutally honest) because it saddens Christ, but, more so, because it puts a blemish on my reputation. "Here I am trying to be a good Christian. Now what will people think of me?" And once again, I am more concerned with my Christianity than I am with Jesus Christ.

But, in the end, will I have succeeded in Christianity yet failed in representing Christ?  Its much more that catchy wristband phrases and T-shirt sales gimics such as, "It's not about rules, but about a relationship." I can watch Oprah and feel good about myself. Representing Jesus Christ is much more than saying, "I love him." Identification with Christ is not only about a relationship, but about heart conditions, self-discipline and sacrifice - you know all those things we don't like talking about and that really make us uncomfortable.

If my passion was greater for Christ than for being a great Christian, I, then would understand the fullness and completeness of God's grace and I would realize that I'm always "in" and never "out" of the game.  I would spend less time dodging temptations and more time just walking with him (which, of course, is what he'd prefer and has invited me to do).

To quote the movie, The Gospel, "We should spend less time looking good, and more time being good."

This was what God revealed to me in my time with him this morning. Honesty? Yes. Uncomfortable? Yes. Challenged? Definitely. But, it's what I want and what I need.  I desire authentic disciples.  I expect it from myself, and I expect it from you.

Now, what about you? Where are you at? 

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