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Posted on March 5, 2008 00:07 by Smiley
Filed under: Evangelism, Praise Reports, Miscellaneous

Its one thing to be so free that you are able to pack up and go whenever the Lord says to. That is a great benefit of singleness. However, I have, more so, realized these past few months that singleness is no longer a part of my life. It is a very big deal to move a family to another place and to take on the stresses that come along with that. While you don't question God's faithfulness in provision, you still wonder how he will provide - you know he has ways that we still haven't begun to imagine.

These past few months, none the less, have been filled with prayer and seeking direction. So here I am again writing these entries. While I still have had opportunities to share the Gospel, I unfortunately have not lately had any extended moments of time to write them. I look forward to beginning to do that again. I look forward to encouraging you as much as these testimonies encourage even myself as I write them and participate in them. The next two weeks, I'll be spending time in Savannah, GA. A friend of mine there, Ed, who works with FCA, hosts a huge Ultimate Frisbee tournament for college students across the country as they spend their Spring Breaks. Ultimate teams from schools such as UT, UGA, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, University of Florida and others will be competing in the tournaments. Ed has asked me to present a devo in the afternoon under a tent of anyone who wants to attend. Ed told me that last year a few students came and mentioned that they were encouraged and enjoyed having a tent like that at the tournament. (In case you don't know, ultimate tournaments are notorious for sex and alcohol.) Ed's main objective for me coming, however, is to share the Gospel with students throughout the day while they are in the stands and walking around. Ed's passion is, like FCA, using a athletics venue, such as ultimate frisbee, as a medium for sharing the Gospel. Please be in prayer for Ed, myself, and the students who will be attending over the next two weeks.

As a praise, my wife and I bought a house! But, what makes it so much more praiseworthy is this...A few months ago we visited Cumming and I asked God what His budget for our house was; he told me $1200/month for the mortgage. He also gave a few fun gadgets to desire in the home. The next day we looked at houses but really didn't see anything Jeannine and I both liked. However, the last house we saw we both loved (and it had those few features God told me about :) ). After a few weeks of negotiations, looking at other houses, etc, we ended up buying that house. Want to guess how much the mortgage payments are? $1198.12!!!!! God is so cool - the price is less than two dollars below the budget God told me. How faithful is He!!! Love you guys and thanks for hanging out in the wing for the past month or so while we got things situated on the home front.

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