Starve Me to Life - Taking Jesus Christ to the streets.


There are two things that are promised to every person: 1)Death; and, 2)Judgment. "Just as man is destined to die once and after that to face judgement..." (Hebrews 9:27) A new statistic has just proven the Bible to be accurate on its first promise; every 1 out of 1 people die. Furthermore, statistics estimate that 7 people die each second. In other words, by the time you lay you head upon your pillow tonight, 600,000 people will have died today alone (7 people x 60 seconds x 60 mins x 24 hrs). Therefore, each day 600,000 stand before God and give an account for how they have lived their lives. There's nothing we can do to cover up our lives or hide them. "Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account." (Hebrews 4:13)

How will God see your life?

Do you think you are good enough to get to Heaven?

Let's see...

  1. Have you ever lied (white lie, little fib, stretched the truth, fish tale, tall tale, etc.)?
    Because you have done so, do you know what you've become?
    Not just a sinner, but a liar.

  2. Have you ever stolen anything - no matter what the value (and remember, you just admitted to being a liar, so don't add to your sin)?
    Because you have committed this sin, do your realize how God now sees you?
    That's a thief.

  3. Have ever lusted after anyone or had impure thoughts about them?
    "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman[man] lustfully has already committed adultery with her[him] in his[her] heart." (Matthew 5:28)

  4. Have you ever been angry with anyone or held a grudge against them?
    By doing so, Christ says that you've murdered them in your heart.
You've just admitted to being a lying, theiving, adulterous, murderer at heart; and, these are just four of God's commandments for how we should live a life that's pleasing to him. It doesn't matter if you have only broken one of God's laws or all 600 of them, "For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it." (James 2:10)

So, based on your self-admition, again I ask...How will God see your life? Will he find you not guilty or guilty? You know what the punishment for a "guilty" verdict is, don't you?

If we were standing in a court of law and we admitted to the judge our guilt, we know how he'd find us. You cannot deny the truth - that's simply being ignorant. "In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointed." (Acts 17:30,31) You can continue to lie to yourself. Why not? What will it hurt? "But because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God's wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed. God 'will give to each person according to what he has done.' To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life. But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger. There will be trouble and distress for every human being who does evil...but glory, honor and peace for everyone who does good... For God does not show favoritism." (Romans 2:5-11)

Notice two things:

  1. It is you that is storing up God's wrath against yourself.
  2. The word "persistence."
We are not to do good every once in a while or when we feel like it. We are commanded to do good with persistency.

The Bible teaches that obtaining salvation requires two things:

  1. Belief in Christ. "That if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." (Romans 10:9) Many of us, however, think that this is all there is to it - raise a hand; walk down an aisle; say prayer; or, sign a commitment card. "You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that - and shudder." (James 2:19) Most of today's church doesn't even shudder at the name of Christ. Instead, the church, itself, uses his name as a curse word. That's blasphemy. Sadly, however, we didn't hate(not saying we should, either) Adolph Hitler enough to use his name as a curse word.

  2. Repentance. "Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death." (2 Corinthians 7:10) Christ, himself, talks about those who have regrets about a decision that they have made to follow him. "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God." (Luke 9:62) John the Baptist, Paul and Christ all told us to "produce fruit in keeping with repentance." (Luke 3:8; Romans 1:5; Matthew 7:15-20) We are to not only accept Christ as our Savior, but also as our Lord by living our lives under his authority.

Many of us have asked Christ to be our Savior, but we still reject him as Lord. Christ tells us that we cannot have one without the other. "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophecy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evil doers!'" (Matthew 7:21-23)

Christ did not call us to simply be Christians; he called us to be his Disciples. The word 'Christian' is merely a label placed on Christ's followers in the New Testament Church of Acts. 'Christian' only appears 3 times in the New Testament; 'Believer' only appears twice. The word 'Disciple,' however, appears 269 times! Disciple is defined as, "one who takes what they have learned and puts it into action."

Are you a Disciple? Or, only a Believer. Your lifestyle determines the difference.

The issue of the cross is not your happiness. The issue of the cross is God's righteousness. Jesus Christ did not save you to God; he saved you from God. (1 Thessalonians 1:10)

You will not see a "form prayer" here, because I do not agree with the philosophy behind it. Why? Well, let's assume for an instance that you are in a relationship. If you cheated on your mate, would you search the web for "Apologies for cheating that are sure to win her[him] back?" Of course, not! That's ridiculous. You are not going to read (or memorize) an apology. Your mate doesn't care what you say just as long as you truly regret what you have done and are making a commitment to remain faithful. Why should God desire anything less? For we have cheated on him repeatedly (Romans 3:23) with the things of this world.

If you are desiring salvation:

  1. Accept the price that Christ paid on a cross for you sins.
  2. Confess your sins to God.
  3. Live your life as God has demanded - seeking his righteousness.

If you have made any decision by reading this, then please let us know.