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Posted on October 13, 2008 21:33 by smiley
Filed under: Genesis, Devotionals

26"At that time men began to call on the name of the Lord."

Genesis 4:26 

24"Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God took him away."

Genesis 5:24

There's, obviously, a big difference between praying to and walking with God.  While many people pray to God, only a few walk with him.  Many will make their requests and petitions of God while never really being in communion with him.  Its really a question of our desire for intimacy with God - how passionate we are to know him.

At the birth of Adam's third son, Seth, God began to distance himself from mankind.  God no longer visited his creation, but, rather, mankind began to call on God; this was the birth of prayer. Why did God distance himself?  We could only guess that maybe it was because God wanted to see how much the creation would seek its Creator. Perhaps, God knew that mankind would never be found longing and wanting if it was never found lacking or without. God wanted to arouse a discontentment in the hearts of men that could only be met by him.

Unfortunately, it was 7 generations later before another man would come who would walk with God.  What happened between Adam and Enoch?  Did someone drop the ball in telling their children or grandchildren about communing with the Creator of the universe?  Did these 6 intermediate generations not care or were too preoccupied?  Who knows?  But, we do know that Enoch had that desire and was a part of an incredible relationship.

Also, understand that the term "walked" here does not necessarily imply action.  It sometimes could mean non-action or being still.  While the Israelites were in the wilderness they waited on the cloud to ascend from the Tent of Meeting before they would move.  Occasionally, the cloud rested on the Tent of Meeting for days.  When the cloud rested, the Israelites rested; when the cloud moved, the Israelites moved.

Do you find yourself merely praying to God or walking with him?  Is your communion with God restricted to your quiet times or is it throughout your whole day?  Do you find yourself wanting answers to prayers or wanting God, himself?  Furthermore, is God calling you to move but you've become complacent, scared or just disobedient.  Maybe God's calling you to rest, but you feel like you can't spare the time.  Reconnect with God and spend time getting to know him once more.  Become passionate once again, not for his answers, but for God, himself.

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