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Posted on September 22, 2008 08:35 by smiley
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Today, with the first official day of Fall, we're reminded of God's constant ebb and flow in the seasons of our lives.  Such is a time in mine.

For the past six years I have, with a passion, continually served the kingdom on the streets and have loved every moment.  While I am NOT completely hanging that passion away in a closet, I am transitioning to another full-time profession.  For the past 6 months or so, I have been in constant prayer as my family and I have moved here to Georgia.  Since that time I have felt God gently closing doors and moving me into a new season of life.  With the coming of our second child, I feel that season coming more now than ever.  

At the prompting of God, I begin dusting off my computer talents once more and planting seeds, once again, in the business arena.  I, then, allowed the Lord of the Harvest to grow whichever field He chose.  Those doors of vocational ministry, again, continued to close while my new business venture has began to prosper.

Am I saying "Goodbye" to ministry? Absolutely not! Through the revenue that my business has generated, I've been able to spend more time at camps sharing the Gospel and on the road preaching.  As a matter of fact, FCA has transitioned me into a Children's Director-type role at many of their camps here in the southeast.  In that capacity this past summer, I've seen - even personally lead - many children begin relationships with Jesus Christ.  One seven-year-old came under conviction and confessed to his parents that a classmate had challenged him to look at a "dirty" site on the Internet.  It is so refreshing to see the purity and innocence of children.

So what does this new season look like for me? Great question and I'm glad you asked.  While, I won't be on the streets "full time," I still have a heart and passion for street ministry and, therefore, I will continue to engage the streets as God allows.  However, in obedience to God, I will continue to work this new field and grow my business.  I look forward to the ministry opportunities that God will bring in this new season and new arena.  There are just as many lost and hurting people in 3-piece suits as there are on the streets and you know I'm going to "hunt them down."  I am also working with FCA to, hopefully - if God allows, develop the children's curriculum for their summer camps.  I plan on continuing to serve in that capacity at various FCA camps throughout the summer.

I will continue to use this blog to share evangelism testimonies.  There is a subtle difference between a "blogger" and a writer.  While I don't consider myself to be a blogger, I do have a passion to write.  I'll, therefore, use this blog as an avenue of expression through words and share with you what God is teaching me.  I hope you'll stay tuned...

And in case you're wondering what my business is, I'm a marketing strategist and web site designer.  I'm, basically, working with companies and their marketing departments helping them to expand their reach and deepen their impact online. If you'd like, you can check out my other web site at:

Again, I'm not saying "Goodbye."  I'm only taking a turn in my journey.  I guess you could say that I'm no longer in full-time vocational ministry, but rather full-time secular ministry. Thank you for your continued love and prayers. 

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